The one constant for companies: Nothing’s constant

Asset Benchmark Research names winners for the Best Investor Relations Team 2018


For long-standing companies in Asia, the one constant is change. The ability to stay relevant in today’s fast-evolving market is a challenge confronting all corporates. Legacy companies grapple with culture change, yet fast-adapting ones seek ways to remain nimble, innovative, creative and realistic about risk.

Investor relations (IR) teams must always be on the ball. As change happens, IR teams are sometimes expected to go above and beyond their mandate to raise the profile of the firm in their sector and the wider stakeholder community. The five companies awarded for The Asset Best Investor Relations Team Award have outperformed and taken their companies to the next level.

Investor relations team run the gamut of roles from releasing annual and interim results, announcements and circulars, holding shareholder meetings, sellside analyst calls, site visits, investor conferences and non-deal roadshows, communication and feedback with senior management and of course upholding disclosure standards. 

This year, the winners prove that passion, creativity and agility are getting them ahead of their game.

China Communications Services Corp attaches great importance to maintaining open and effective communication with stakeholders and the market. With the implementation of the new MiFID II regulation, the team facilitated communications and increased exposure by building up a more spontaneous communication with capital market participants.

The company not only participated on various investor forums held by investment banks, it further developed a targeted list of shareholders and potential investors by comparing its own shareholding structure with industry peers.

China Telecom Corp outshines peers with its clearly defined disclosure mechanism while keeping highly transparent communications with media, analysts and investors. It uses diversified channels to communicate with investors.

The team leverages its online resources to better connect with investors. In a digital era, online channels with comprehensive user-friendly features and accessible information is critical for solid investor relations.

Fosun International embraces the new era of social media. The company keeps up with the demands of the digital world with robust monitoring mechanism combined with a contingency plan. The team runs a global news monitoring system to remain updated about the industry.

It is also strong in crisis management. It has a crisis mechanism in place to allow it to respond to breaking news and other updates. Its crisis response infrastructure has helped speed up communication and information dissemination.

When Infosys executed its US$2 billion share buyback programme in 2018, its investor relations team spearheaded a large investor outreach programme involving the stakeholder relationship committee to gather feedback from top investors. The feedback gathering has helped in the success of the programme.

 Infosys is one of the very few companies to organize its AGM at a large scale at two locations (Bangalore in Mumbai) simultaneously to accommodate investors from different parts of the country; main event being held in Bangalore with a live video conferencing facility at Mumbai.

PTT Public Company’s IR sharepoint is a digital platform for sharing IR-related information and issues. The team also tries to build trust with stakeholders including analysts by facilitating visits to PTT’s various facilities.

This year The Asset gives commendation for achievements in Investor Relations.

The Highly Commended Investor Relations Team award goes to PTT Exploration and Production. The team ensures that external communication of information is timely, accurate, sufficient and equally accessible to all stakeholders.

China Unicom gets a commendation for having put in place a system in providing information and services requested by investors, maintaining timely communications with investors and fund managers and responding to investors’ inquiries and meeting with company-visit investors.

The IR team at Bangchak Corporate Public is focused on automated systems and big data analysis to help IR officers better understand the demands and preferences of each of its audience group. The team aims to reduce human repetitive tasks, and thus be able to improve IR services.

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7 Nov 2018


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