On top property developer teaches us water is on tap – for free

The Asset introduces a special category of award for Environmental Stewardship to recognize efforts of companies engaging in high-impact sectors


Noting that an estimated 5.2 million plastic bottles are dumped each day in Hong Kong, the property company, Great Eagle, is setting out to tackle this highly-polluting problem (only 8.5% of plastic bottles are recycled) by installing free water dispensers.

However, recognizing that people need to be persuaded to change their behaviour when bottled water is so cheap and widely available, Great Eagle is running an education campaign to promote "Bring Your Own Bottle" and "Water For Free". Last, but not least, the company has developed a phone app, which shows where the nearest water dispenser is located.

The Asset Best Initiative in Environmental Responsibility becomes a more important award with every passing year, as scientists turn up the volume of their warnings about global climate change.

Given the urgency of the crisis, environmental responsibility must now be a core focus of corporate activity and not just an optional extra. Not only is protection of the environment a key element of being a good corporate citizen, it also makes sound economic sense since it mitigates against risk and reduces the cost of the wasteful use of resources. Accordingly, only two compaines is recognized for its initiative in 2018.

In India, Infosys is also endeavouring to tackle a gargantuan environmental problem with a practical initiative. Across the country, 100 million households still cook on wood-fuelled fires, which create toxic indoor pollution and require large quantities of firewood to be collected – usually by women and girls, who have to sacrifice large parts of their days to meet the task. Since 2016, Infosys has been providing smoke-free biomass cook stoves, which consume 50% less firewood in more than 1600 villages across Karnataka, Rajasthan, Orissa, and Maharashtra. The company claims this has reduced the polluting effects for 100,000 families.

This year, we introduce a special category of award for Environmental Stewardship to encourage and recognize the efforts of those companies that are engaged in high-impact sectors. The inaugural Environmental Stewardship award goes to the Indonesian port operator, IPC (PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero)). Among its initiatives, IPC has developed a garbage cleaning vessel to carry out water cleaning in lakes and reservoirs. In addition, it is applying sea water reverse osmosis to provide clean water and minimize the use of ground water and it is also providing secure facilities to store toxic ship waste prior to recycling. The Asset encourages IPC to further the highest possible standards to protect the environment.

PTT Public, one of Thailand's largest companies, has a dual responsibility to the environment due to its size and because it is a major global producer in the oil and gas sector. The Asset commends PTT Public for its Environmental Stewardship, committing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve energy efficiency and engage in research and development on carbon capture and reduction.

The Asset also introduces a new category for Highly Commended Best Initiatives. This year we award this to investment holding firm, Metro Pacific Investment Corp, for acting as steward to Philippine coasts. The company has been running a coastal clean-up programme that bolstered environmental awareness and promoted livelihood.

In Taiwan, CTBC Financial Holding is passionate about carbon reduction and worked to obtain renewable energy certificates for its aggressive greenhouse gas reduction programme.

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7 Nov 2018


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